I've always considered myself a capable outdoorsman, but all of my assumptions were laid bare during a weekend of survival training with Brady. We had the worst possible conditions for this experience: snow, rain, sleet and close to freezing temperatures which resulted in being soaked through, numb hands and feet and as close to a truly survival scenario. I've never gone through any course, event or training in my life that had such a profound and lasting positive mental impact on me. This course should be mandatory for anyone that hikes, camps or spends any extended period of time outdoors. Even now a few days later I feel there is no obstacle I can't overcome, as no trial in the office or in my personal life can compare to getting through a weekend in the woods. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself, it's worth it. A+

Dan Patterson

Before this, using Skype or telephone as a means of communicating would have normally prevented me from using this service. You have proven to me that a service such as yours is absolutely capable of functioning on this platform. I found my inner warrior spirit, my masculine drive, my strength to deal responsibly with my feelings and emotions. As a result of this experience, I reflected on my past attachments, the reason they exist and unwinding the string of behavioural coping mechanisms that were not serving me. Seeing the positive out of a negative situation. I located the inner core within me, understanding the connection and domino effect of my emotions and went into the wild with Brady, learning how to survive. I would recommend Brady because there are many men that suppress their inner warrior spirit, their masculine instinct. Many people have adapted behavioural patterns that have served them a long time ago but have now become a detriment. It is important to become conscious, to appeal to our own dignity, it is imperative that we as men become cognizant of who is in charge of us. As men, we are the masters of our ship, and Brady is like a navigator that charts a course for us to set sail to a healthy mind, body and spirit union.

Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND (North Vancouver, BC)

Brady has a gift for making his clients comfortable and knowing how to guide them to the solution of the problem.

Andrew Barber-Starkey, Business Coach (North Vancouver, BC)

I have have been going through many life changes lately including most recently I got married. At 57 years old I have some baggage with buttons... And as one might imagine my new husband was pushing those buttons with me re-acting in uncomfortably, familiar sensations and behaviors. In approximately an hours time, Brady lovingly and expertly took me through a process that allowed recognition and release of my old "stuff" with clear and direct focus. As a life coach I recognized the thoroughness of the process enabling a complete release. ... Leaving no charge on the buttons. Thank you Brady! As a true professional Brady ensured an appropriate follow up. Christina Van

Christina Van Dyk, Life Coach (Georgia)

Working with Brady was mind blowing. He cracked open what I thought enlightenment was... He opened my eyes to the same world but in a way I have never seen before. Like with new eyes that can see and feel the connection to everything .... And with more awe and gratitude for the things I used to take for granted. He has also helped in taking the charge of the many polarities that have been ruling my life. It's like taking the edge off in a way... They say an expanded mind never snaps back and Brady has definitely changed my life forever in an amazing way.

Lindsay Thompson, Project Manager (BC)

I trusted him. I was able to break through a block because of his attention and honesty

June Round (Calgary, AB)

When I came to Brady, I was struggling with being decisive. Now I can recognize how I have always had the power and ability to choose, just that my choices were not to commit. I feel very empowered & back in the drivers seat of my life. Kris Young (Toronto, ON)

Kris Young (Toronto, ON)

I found working with you extremely helpful. It was one of the things on this path I'm taking towards health and recovery. It was important in helping me to connect with my spiritual side, and also in doing some trauma release. More than that, it was beneficial to me by showing me possibility. It opened me up to other ways of thinking and seeing things and to the fact that life doesn't have to be the way I was experiencing it. I also enjoyed your perspective on things as you have a lightness about you that is refreshing.

Fiona Hunt (Abu Dhabi)

I experienced the depth of Brady's ability as a coach. He made it possible for me to feel safe and to go deep in my fear. It was surprising how fast the process happened. Thank you Brady.

Dan Middleton

I would recommend Brady to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives quickly and thoroughly and with great focus on the process. Fran Fisher, California

Fran Fisher, California

Thank you Brady for helping me feel fully a traumatic moment in my past that seems to reoccur in my life. I am now able to move on and use it as a strength for myself and others.

Lorne Adam (Penticton, BC)

Thank you for allowing me to release old aches and tightness related to old motor vehicle accidents and holding onto a recent injury in a rear ending accident. I can also see how this process can help others by releasing this tension and tightness in my body.

Gerry Clayford-Beckie, Director Of Operations at SimpeQ (North Vancouver, BC)

Doing the process with Brady was profound. He is present, thorough, and makes you feel at ease in the space he holds confidently. I would highly recommend this process to others if they are looking for an opportunity to experience and behold their true self, all crap and mind chatter aside. By just showing up 100%, Brady can support you in the process of quickly unleashing that which is yearning within you. What a gift!

Kaya Miernik (North Vancouver, BC)

Brady's depth as the container was so strong & safe that it gave me the freedom to swim as the flow bursting into insights and revelations such that my whole experience of and with life has transformed so remarkably for the better.

Darlene Brister, Film Make-Up Artist (Vancouver, BC)

Holy fuck what a feeling! Brady guided me to integrate Arnie and did it smoothly, brilliantly, and solidly. The strength and confidence I now feel has made me stand taller, my projection is far superior, and I am ready to be the best in the world!

Peter Leach (Personal Trainer, Calgary, AB)

Brady was conscientious, caring, and kind as he took me through the process. I felt strongly supported by Brady as I have not felt self-confidence.

Tracy Cole (RN, Vancouver, BC)

Brady provided me with the guidance I needed to eliminate the block holding me back in my business and my life. He guided me through a process which led to clarity and confidence for me to walk in the power of who and what I am now. It is truly a feeling of freedom and peace of mind.

Cynthia Davis, Author/Business Owner (Washington, D.C.)

After one session with Brady I was able to release all the fear and anxiety I had built up over not being able to breastfeed my daughter due to tissue damage on my nipples. Immediately after the session, my nipples started healing after weeks of not changing. This session was essential to my healing. I would recommend this process to anyone who has blocks to getting a result they want.

Callie Westlake, Director of Administration. (Chilliwack, BC)

In a 5 session intensive, Brady held a really solid, attentive, & directive container. Allowing me the space & the comfort to delve into and dissolve my non-supportive patterns and beliefs.

Andi Pihl (Seattle, WA)

When dealing with a significant emotional upset in my life, I was in need of some non-conventional help. Brady was able to guide me into a very profound and powerful state of consciousness, which very quickly dissolved the dress, struggle, and strife I was consumed by. His presence & solidness allowed me to integrate and heal. The process is best experienced directly, Brady is qualified and ready to start your journey to end struggle now! 

Wesly Feuquay, M.Ed. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Brady is a column of masculine strength in the crazy winds of our own fearful mind. I came into my first session with him blindly and free of expectations. His smooth maneuvering through my childhood trauma was intriguingand his ease caught in the face of my perceived fears was inspiring. He has the capability to provide an environment that transcends your own manufactured boundaries and beliefs and results in immeasurable trauma release and growth. Looking forward to working with him again.

Isa Bailey (Coquitlam, BC)

I feel as though I was just truly born, peacefully. Jamie Sullivan, Clinical Hypnotherapist (North Vancouver, BC) after DP on March 8, 2016

Jamie Sullivan, Clinical Hypnotherapist (North Vancouver, BC)




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